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the gym for crafters


Let's Craft offers a personal and business membership which offers access to a variety of different types of equipment most of which either has too large of a footprint or is too expensive for the average business owner to have onsite.

Personal Membership

This membership is perfect for the avid crafter. It provides members an opportunity to utilize our discounts on supplies and access to equipment to create items for themselves, friends and as gifts. Personal members will need to go through training and must be certified on the different equipment before they are allowed to access them on their own.

Business Membership - Etsy Seller

Our business membership will allow Etsy sellers an opportunity to access equipment that is typically too large or expensive to have in a home. This membership will offer discounts on bulk purchases such as shirts, vinyl and transfers. Members can utilize our equipment during Member Hours once they are certified on each machine.

Business Membership - Small Business Owner

This membership is perfect for a small business owner such as a dance studio, real estate agent, brick and mortar business owner. Business members can make promotional items for marketing or to sell in their business such as hats, shirts, sticker just to name a few.

Entrepreneurship Program

Let's Craft's Entrepreneurship Program assists aspiring individuals in all stages of developing a business. We start with an overview of the different types of equipment we have onsite and what can be created with each type of machine. Then we brainstorm with individuals to come up with a product that they would like to develop to sell. Next we make a prototype to ensure the process works for the individual and is something they would like to market. We assist in mastering the craft and help to develop a business plan to market their design. We help to formulate a business (non-profit, c-corp, sole proprietor) assist in acquiring a EIN and completing paperwork to make their business official. We create a social media marking strategy and allow them an opportunity to utilize our equipment to fulfill orders until they are profitable enough to purchase their own equipment.

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