Makeup Sponge Technique: Dip the square side of the make-up sponge into the paint and dab it off onto the parchment paper to take some paint off the sponge, then dab paint onto the cutouts. This step may take several coats to cover but less is more, your first coat should be semi-transparent. If you need additional sponges use a scissor to cut the painted part off and have a clean square to paint with or cut the sponge into smaller pieces. If needed use the toothpick to hold the pieces in place or loop a piece of masking/painter’s tape place it on the parchment and stick the cutout pieces to it to hold them in place while painting.

Yellow Sponge Technique: When painting with the yellow sponges you want to wipe the paint onto the surface. The first coat should be thin and semi-transparent go back and do a second coat to make it darker. This method is used to cover larger areas. Do not dab the yellow sponge onto the wood like you do the makeup sponge or you will get little bubbles.

Framed Letters: If you choose to use the frame as a placement guide remove the tape from the back of the letters and place the frame onto the sign. Remove the back of the double-stick tape from each letter and place them into the frame.